Speak to us about your requirements.  Not every challenge will have a riot7 solution, but we can consult with you and offer advice on the best fit for your needs. 

For each of our solutions we have selected the best fit hardware and software infrastructure to meet requirements.  We are agnostic in terms of providing solutions; meaning that we are free to select the most appropriate architecture, rather than being bound to the limited portfolio of a single supplier.  

When presented with a set of requirements we apply our proven process, which involves matching your criteria to the best fit hardware sensors, networking protocol, gateways, network and application servers, storage, analytics and presentation layers.   We will ensure the solution is reliable by building in fault tolerance.   We will ensure the solution is secure, with appropriate security measures applied to protect your assets.  

We provision the hardware, already configured, and ensure that the system is operational.   Once up and running, we monitor your system on your behalf to ensure that data is flowing where its supposed to. 

We look after the technology, so you don't have to.