Monitor rainfall

Our wireless rainfall sensor is easily mounted anywhere on your farm, where it will accurately measure rainfall throughout the year.  Keep in mind that we will monitor rainfall as it's happening, but we will also store the rainfall data from your farm, so that you can query how much rainfall you experienced for any period.  Maybe this will be interesting to compare your total rainfall in August last year with the total for August this year.  This information is available to you through your dashboard, where you can query the total rainfall for any period.  



Disease development risk is dependent on environmental factors such as temperature, rain and leaf wetness, and humidity. Knowing the exact humidity levels in your fields can help determine if you have reached the ‘alarm’ level of humidity.   This, combined with the temperature, could trigger a disease outbreak.


Each disease has its own defined range of temperature and moisture, so if you need an alert sent when these conditions are met, we can do that through our platform.