"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

Technology is driving changes in farming.  It is now possible for farmers to make informed decisions, save costs and maximise yields by using technology to provide insights.   


riot7 farm solutions are helping farmers to reap these benefits by providing technology solutions that are easy to use and affordable. 

Red Tractor in Field

Whether your aim is to predict crop stages accurately by monitoring soil and local weather conditions, or to track the movements of machinery or livestock, we will provide you with the best fit solution for your needs.   With a riot7 solution, you pay only for what you need.  We can supply a huge range of sensors through our hardware partners, but will only include what you need in your solution.  Our platform is extensible, which means you can start with a small setup, safe in the knowledge that we can add more sensing technology to your dashboard when you need it in the future. 

Growing Degree days 

Making crop management decisions based on growing degree days instead of calendar days can reduce the potential error from plus or minus nine days to just two or three days! 

Irrigation management

Our soil sensors constantly monitor soil moisture and humidity levels.  You can query this data to keep track of soil conditions every day of the year.

local weather 


Keeping track of local temperature, humidity and sunlight levels helps you to plan crop growth and can be used to indicate when pathogens are likely to appear. 


Keep track of the location and movements of machinery on your farm.

barn and Poultry unit Monitoring

Need to keep temperature and humidity within a specific range in your poultry unit or barn?   Our dashboard and alerting system will help.

Read about some of our experiences below in providing farm solutions. 


Brook House Farm in Herefordshire combine the latest technology and traditional farming expertise to grow some of the best hops in the world.   When they needed a monitoring solution they turned to us.

Picking Purple Grapes

Our partners in Australia used our platform to monitor grapevines in Coonawarra.  Previously, they had to drive four hours each way to collect the data they needed.

We were responsible for the configuration and installation of LoRaWAN gateways on nine farms as part of a government scheme to provide support for agriculture in rural communities.