Responsible for a large number of properties?   Our monitoring solution gives you the information you should have on temperature, humidity, utility usage and more for all your properties. 

Housing authorities are responsible for the welfare and safety of residents in their properties.  Unfortunately, many properties on housing authority stock are old ​and subject to damp issues or heating inefficiencies.  From our work with housing authorities we know this causes a range of problems.   

Damp issues are a 'curse', causing health concerns for residents and thousands of pounds of unplanned repairs for landlords.  We are also hearing of worrying trends in litigation cases being brought against housing authorities by residents.   


Heating management is another huge issue; we hear of tragic cases in which residents could not afford to heat their properties, in some cases living in dangerous conditions unbeknown to their landlords.   

With our housing monitoring solution, we provide a means of keeping track of the wellbeing of all your properties from one dashboard.   We can configure alerts to notify you when conditions are not safe for residents in a property.   We store this data from your properties, which can be used to validate that the property conditions in your properties have been kept at safe levels.   We can help you prioritise where your limited facilities resources should be allocated by filtering the properties that are most likely to be in need of preventative attention. 

This is one graph from our dashboard showing the humidity levels for a small number of properties over a short time period.  


The graph below shows temperature levels for the same properties over the same period.