p e o p l e 

Eamonn Lawler


Eamonn started his career in C++ development before moving on to consultancy roles in SOA and DevOps.   He spent the last few years building and taking innovative offerings to market with partner organisations.   He holds a MSc with distinction from the University of Oxford and a patent in cloud security.

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace


Matt's experience in running platforms at scale includes managing an ISP with 500,000 websites, 20,000 databases and thousands of physical servers.  Matt is well known in the LoRaWAN community through his work at Mockingbird Consulting, where he ran a series of successful IoT projects.  

a d v i s o r s

Dean Marsh - IoT Housing 


Dean manages technology solutions for a large UK Housing Authority.  He was responsible for one of the first implementations of an IoT solution to monitor housing stock and protect residents. 

Tony Smith - Industrial IoT


Tony works with us on industrial IoT solutions.  During his expansive electrical engineering career he has designed and implemented a number of innovative IoT solutions that deliver efficiency savings.

a b o u t   r i o t 7

We are fascinated by possibilities that open up when technology intervenes in the physical world, whether to enable an interaction with your customer or to automate repetitive and costly manual tasks. 

This field is often labelled the 'IoT' (Internet of Things) and has been described as connecting the physical world to the internet by means of physical sensors; a rather underwhelming description.  We prefer to think of our solutions as experiential technology, in which the underlying technology is merely the means of providing an amazing experience for you or your customers. 

Every riot7 solution is built with our proven process.  Working backwards from the needs of the business, we analyse the functional and non-functional requirements, select the best fit solution components around our core framework and tailor delivery of the resultant business information and alerting.  We then manage this solution on your behalf, ensuring that the system is operating securely, resiliently and delivering value to you.